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When you play poker, every mistake you make at a poker table is something that can lead you to loss. For beginners, it is certainly difficult to learn from the mistakes that have been made and sometimes the player himself does not want to learn the origin of these errors. In fact, if the mistakes you make in the poker game can make your opponents become able to read the cards you hold, then your opponents will use the opportunity to attack you. Many novice players ignore this, so their bets are no longer an asset, but a mere loss. For that you need to know what mistakes are usually made by novice poker players, so you can avoid and anticipate these mistakes to you so that you can win the poker online indonesia terpercaya game and bring home lots of profits.

poker online indonesia terpercaya

The following are some of the mistakes that are often made by novice poker players:

Aggressive Play

Professional judi poker online players will certainly analyze things before they decide to take the steps they will take on the cards in their hands. Even though the card in your hand looks good and can be a winner in a poker game, if you play aggressively, your opponents will find it easy to know the condition of the card in your hand. This will make your opponents quickly fold and you will fail to achieve big wins that you can actually achieve.

Expect a Good Card

Getting a good card in each round of poker is not something that is easy for you to experience. Each card combination has its own opportunities and difficulty levels. However, for professional players will not focus on the ones that look good. However, they focus on ways to be able to maximize victory in each round even with ordinary cards.


If you play poker accompanied by fear, then it will indirectly affect your style of play and it makes your style of play easy for your opponents to guess. If the card in your hand is ugly, you will fold continuously. However, if the card you have is good, then you will raise or all in, so the player won’t continue the game. The best solution for this is that you need to use a professional way to take part in every round of poker you play so your opponents don’t easily guess your playing style.

Bluffing Too Often

Many beginner poker players think poker is a bluff game, even if the card does not have a chance of winning even though, the card you have must still look good in front of your opponents. That way your opponents will think you have a good card and have a greater chance of winning than them. However, bluffing like this is the wrong way if you do it over and over again. Because, your opponent will be able to easily guess the way you play. If you want to bluff that you did successfully, you must be able to make your opponents think that the cards you have really have a good chance of winning. Because, good cards don’t come out all the time. Apart from that, you can also do this by showing the chips that you have on the bet. So, your opponents will think you’re not just bluffing.

Not Paying Attention to Finance

Playing poker indonesia terpercaya is fun, but the thing you need to pay attention to is knowing your own limitations. If you have enough capital to play, then you can play poker calmly. Then, you need to pay attention to your financial condition by managing your winnings back in playing poker so that you can enjoy these results better.

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