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thywalls.comAgen Poker Basics – Start Earning Money. These days, poker isn’t just found in the casinos or poker rooms, but on the special TV tournaments or many poker websites online. We might all find ourselves playing in the poker room and watch the game. For this reason, it is the good idea you learn basics of playing online poker game, if you ever find yourself round the poker table at the social gathering. So, poker is the interesting game, it offers excitement and fun to the people of any age group and social backgrounds.

Role of a dealer

In Poker indonesia games online, players have to compete for the central pot that has chips that majority of times represents the real money. Winner is a player with highest cards rank, or one that has made the bet that nobody else called. In spite of a fact that there’re a lot of poker variations, most of them follow some pattern of dealing. Dealer’s position always changes with each hand played, and players act as the dealers when game goes on. Dealer’s position is actually marked with the button. In the land based casinos games, there’s the house dealer who has to deal all cards for the players, and just the button moves clockwise and show who “dealer” is, and betting order is rightly determined.

poker indonesia

How it is played?

When this game begins, person who deals these cards shuffles, cuts and starts to deal the cards in the clockwise direction. First bets will always be placed after first dealing. After next round of the dealing starts, all players get their cards as per the rules of this game. In a few poker variations, and to raise this action and interest of game, players need to place the forced bets that are called as “blinds” and “antes,” and all the bets are placed in the pot in middle of a table.

During the betting round, players call the placed bet, fold or raise. Suppose all the opponents fold, then hand finishes instantly, and person who has placed their first bet wins this pot. In this hand, players aren’t needed to show the cards, thus bluffing cannot be revealed. Next hand will start immediately.  There’re many poker game variations, however the common ones are the stud poker, community card poker and draw poker.

In the draw poker players usually are dealt with 5 and more face down poker cards. When playing a hand, they will replace the cards many times till they create the winning hand. In the stud poker, the players have to dealt with one card at time. Some are face-up or face-down, and there’s the betting round between dealing of every card.

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